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Major 5 Restaurant Menu Forums

Blackboards are great for pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars. Studies have shown that folks are prone to focus on and remember informative data on a blackboard because subconsciously they know it is subject to improve and might have new and important info on it. But what are the most effective blackboards to have in your establishment? This information will have a look at 5 of typically the most popular restaurant menu boards.

Wall hanging

You can’t go wrong with a wall hanging blackboard. They are the oldest and most widely used since they are simple and provide a large space for drawing on. Wall hanging blackboards are ideal for your primary menu, especially one which doesn’t change. Everyone in the space will easily have the ability to see and browse the menu without needing to attend for paper menus to be taken to them.

Table top

Table top blackboards are smaller but great for coffee, side plates, desserts or specials menus. They are able to lay on the tables in your restaurant and tantalise your customers Restaurant Expenses throughout their meal or encourage them to order something different. Table top blackboards are very ideal for promoting special offers and events as well.


Easel blackboards produce quite an upmarket effect when the right blackboard writing can be used too. Make use of an easel blackboard to show off your wine list, especially the pricier bottles! Easels can also be used at your restaurant entrance to give customers something to peruse while they’re waiting to be seated.

A shape

A shape blackboards are perfect for having outside your restaurant, pub or bar. Utilize them to showcase your ‘dish of the day’ or special offers. Why should someone come in off the road to eat with you over others? Be sure to get an excellent chalkboard artist in to design your sign though as a messy or unattractive board will very quickly put customers off and give your company a poor reputation.


There are so many novelty blackboards available given that are great for menus for quirkier or child-friendly establishments. One of typically the most popular may be the scotty-dog shaped blackboard or the cat blackboard. These look particularly at home in country-style pubs. You could get tailor made blackboards in the shape of food, tea, pint glasses or wine bottles that are great for getting attention. Think carefully whenever choosing your restaurant menu boards as you need your customers to focus on them. Purchasing a top quality menu board and sign-writer will be sure to make a difference.

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