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Get Coaching Clients by Facilitating Workshops

The first thing new coaches want to know is how to get more coaching clients quickly. Most coaches hang out getting a fancy logo designed, designing a website, getting business cards printed and writing brochures thinking all these things are necessary before realize market their business. Not the case!

The best step you can take at any point in your coaching career to get new coaching clients quickly is to begin doing workshops. I would recommend that you start by doing live workshops in your local market. Later you can modify these workshops to become online class or online courses. You can even begin doing your own events by adding other compatible experts to your team and doing two or three day workshops.

Leading workshops gives you instant expert status and authority. There is a big difference between leading a class and lecturing. May big difference between leading a class and assisting a great class. here

Facilitation is far unique of other styles of teaching and being a great facilitator is the key to gaining recognition in your market. When you lead a great class it is very easy and natural for attendees to want to continue the experience by working with you as a coach.

What is a Facilitator versus. an Instructor?
A teacher markets information to students who must absorb the information and grow tested on it to ensure their learning. A facilitator is a individual who copes with information exchange between group members. Facilitators may be experts in the topic but their focus is to encourage learning through experience, activity, and discussion. A facilitator’s job is to create a place where learning, discussion and interaction take place.

The interaction, learning, sharing and physical experience are what makes a class a unique and special experience. A great facilitator is a master of many skills including sociable contact, remark, feelings, insight, tact and control. The facilitator must keep the environment interesting yet controlled enough to allow maximum learning for all participants. Talking about participants, they will be varied in personality, learning speed, learning style and earlier knowledge so the facilitator must use keen sociable skill to ensure that each participant has a rich learning experience.

A facilitator must also keep in mind that they are there to assist in the learning process significantly less a solely as a transmitter or disseminator of information. The training occurs through the sharing and involvement of the participants.

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