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Curating Throngs for a Better B2B Database

A new Crowdsourcing Model

The bigger the Crowd Need not Necessarily Translate to higher Results!

Why would you want to hire a third-party vendor, agent or freelancer, when you can gather a crowd to do your work for you?

With crowdsourcing leaking into B2B database marketing industry, database contact information is purchased from the ‘crowd’. However, is that sufficient? We must take another look at the saying of data quality over data quantity.

If we perceive quantity to be free why not quality as well! It has been confirmed previously that through crowdsourcing, if you provide a reward big enough, any monkey will be happy to contribute ‘data’. The bottom line here is that user contributed data has to be verified and validated, without which only data places will assemble. The only way data can be transformed into information and grow effective as a business brains tool, is by maintaining a database with relevant and accurate data.

A new approach used in crowd sourcing is ‘curated crowd’, which literally means moderating the crowd that is allowed to participate in contributing information. It is very similar to a ‘gate policy’, whereby you are permitted to enter as long as you ‘fit the role’ or are qualified to provide relevant data to the database. Curating throngs is usually conducted by introducing a survey for users to participate in to understand if their profiles fit and fulfill the qualifying measure of database requirements. B2B Data List

Companies using the crowdsourcing model are also implementing new channels such as the use of mobiles. Profiting an extensive market reach of enormous amounts who use Touch screen phones, businesses are gaining information in real- time.

In operation, the perception that ‘time is money’ can be as important today as data, which is considered to be an equally valuable asset as well. An information storehouse is like a bank, if the money is just kept in the locker it does really earn returns alone, however if it is invested well it will produce monetary gains. Similarly, storing data is not sufficient; changing it to information that can be smartly utilized is when a database becomes an asset and not just dead weight.

No matter what traditional companies say, utilizing the effectiveness of what a ‘crowd’ can provide is the way forward. The option now for businesses is that either they adopt the crowd-sourced model in collecting information and create a methodical method of confirmation, or they establish themselves outmoded and go away in the crowd.

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