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Winning Logo Design Tips


A logo represents a company’s ideas, nature, values and its vision for the future. The intention of a logo is to create an ever-lasting impression in people’s mind about a company and its values. People should be able to relate a company’s quality and values through its logo. A unique and timeless company logo plays a crucial role in developing a company’s brand image.

Contrary to the typical perspective on most designers, a logo need not be a masterpiece in the world of design. A logo need not be a evidence of a designer’s designing ability and need not possess the latest trends in the world of company logo. People judge a company by its logo and the logo is judged based on the elements that form its design. Here are a few tips on designing a logo which can be useful in creating a unique and memorable design:

Unique Design

A logo should always stand out among competition. It must be unique such that people relate the logo just to a single company and are not confused as to which company the logo sits to.

According to the latest company logo news, experts suggest not to follow logo style . and trends. A well designed logo is timeless and holds value even with several years since its beginning.

It is important to note how a simple three-pointed star has been the only real logo of Mercedes-Benz even with around 80 years since the company came out with the logo. The logo has seen many a battles and economic downturns, yet making it through in people’s minds and is one of the most recognized logo worldwide.

Experts also warn against copying or getting inspired by another company’s company logo. This approach not only results in being sued over brand violations, but also provides a message to the world that your company doesn’t have its identity. โลโก้ฮวงจุ้ย

Adaptable Design

In a world where publicity materials can vary from being as small as a brochure to largely published magazines to business cards to websites, a logo should be designed such that it looks equally good and equally compact on all these forms of display items. The logo should consist of legible text, not too small, not too big.

One can observe how the art logos of companies like AT&T, HP, IBM etc have art logos that are not only compact but are adaptable across all kinds of media.

Keep your Logo Simple

Simplicity always goes in conjunction with beauty. Simple fonts like Times New Romans, Helvetica and Arial make the logo easily legible. Also, most of the companies listed on Fortune 500, use less than three colors and have minimal variations in the fonts used. It is widely accepted by experts in company logo that too many colors and fonts can mess up an image and make it less retainable.

One good example of a simple company logo is that of Apple Inc. The logo, which is outright an apple with a bite flourished on one side, is again one of the most recognized art logos in the world today. Also, the colorful apple company logo was dropped by the company as it entered the modern era of technology and kept itself in synchronize with the world while keeping its fundamental reasoning behind an apple in one piece.

A company should always try to express its business, its culture, its values and more important its vision via a simple, unique and adaptable company logo.

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