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A Review Helpful To Users On The vivo Y12 Camera

The new phone from Vivo, the Y12 Plus, is the next version of its bestselling Y10 Plus smartphone family. It is equipped with the all-new Windows Mobile 8.1 mobile operating system. According to the reviews, the Vivo Y12 has some remarkable features that are more advanced than the iPhone and Android handsets. It is the first smartphone in this category that is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera.

According to the manufacturers, the phone comes with a very large 1.5-inch Sharp LCD screen that will allow the users to enjoy an excellent visual experience. The Vivo Y12 has been designed with a unique self-cleaning feature so it does not remain dirty even after numerous uses. The primary camera of this model is supported with an array of useful features. The software of the phone comes with the Google Places, Yahoo Messenger, Android Market and Evernote. The navigation of this handset can be performed using the HTC Sense 8.0.

This review helpful tips readers on how to use the vivo y12 camera successfully. The handset has been enhanced with a new self-cleaning feature. It also has an infrared camera, so it can take photos in low light situations. In order to add variety to the pictures, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is used.

The price of the vivo y12 can be $400 in the United Kingdom, which is moderately expensive. But it is affordable in other parts of the world. In the United States vivo y12, the Vodafone Mobile Access can be purchased for only around $200. But the vivo y12 can be purchased in other parts of Europe for a similar price, including some areas in Spain and Ireland. If the phone is purchased from any of the authorized Google Play stores in these regions, then the cost would be considerably reduced.

The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor of the vivo y12 can be used to control the camera. To use the Gmail and Google+ services, you just need to wake the phone up and enter the respective entries. You can use the default dialer to dial several numbers. This can be very handy if you forget the last number that you called. The default calendar can also be used, so you can schedule your events easily.

This review helpful tips users on how to use the vivo y12 camera effectively. The front and rear cameras of this model are supported by the capacitive Android sensors. It comes with two SIM cards – a prepaid one and a postpaid one. The connectivity of the handset is great and it works well even with an international GSM provider. The total cost of the handset is not too high, despite its advanced features.

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